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What the Heck! Spend Now, Pay Later!

A Top-Side View of the Spending Habits of Affluent Malaysians: Ipsos Spend Pay Later

  • They simply admit that they enjoy shopping!More than the average people in Asia Pacific.
  • General credit card ownership is low but the rich are getting richer: Platinum credit card ownership is on the rise.
  • Affluent Malaysians are consuming more alcohol and spending more on entertainment, particularly going out for movies.
  • They’re also trying to be healthier as gym memberships have increased.
  • Internet Penetration is steadily increasing – affluent Malaysians are connected to the internet, especially on-the-go.

For details, please download the following report.

DOWNLOAD Ipsos' PAX Survey Report on Spending Habits

Spend Now Pay Later - PAX affluents survey
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