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North Face Gives Subscribers a Hearty Welcome!

The North Face is an outdoor product company offering technically advanced clothing and equipment to accomplished climbers, mountaineers, snowsport athletes, and endurance athletes.

In the United States, the company’s products are sold online, in its 36 retail stores, and in various sports and outdoor retailers.

Every day, many customers browsing or purchasing on opt-in for e-mail communications.

In an effort to enhance the customer lifecycle experience, The North Face decided to give these subscribers a hearty welcome.NorthFace2

A Welcoming Journey

Working with e-Dialog, The North Face created an automated two-touch Welcome trigger sequence. Designed to connect with customers while The North Face brand is top of mind, the first touch is sent 24 hours after sign-up. Its message begins building this new relationship by setting expectations and explaining the benefits of the e-mail program.

The second touch, triggered 48 hours later, highlights the brand’s core values, emphasizes key products, and contains an offer for free shipping on any order over $75. Since The North Face typically does not offer promotions or discounts, this is an exclusive deal for these subscribers. Upon completing the sequence, the customer is entered into the regular e-mail cadence.

Reaching the Summit

The North Face’s strategy of communicating with hot hand-raisers within hours of their initial engagement is already paying off; 32% of the company’s total e-mail-generated revenue comes from customers receiving this series.

And 60% of that revenue is attributed to the second touch. Further, when comparing the trigger series to the company’s traditional e-mail campaigns, open rates for the triggers are more than three times higher and unique click rates are four times higher, showing a high level of engagement.

By sharing relevant content and presenting up-sell opportunities, the Welcome trigger sequence is achieving its goal.

Welcome Trigger



The second touch of this Welcome trigger series is engaging customers and generating revenue for The North Face.