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Turning Malaysian Mothers into Social Gamers

Agency: IPG Mediabrands

Client Brand: Johnson’s Baby


Johnson’s baby has always been a constant companion for mothers worldwide.

However, new age mothers are spoilt for choice with many baby brands tugging

at their hearts from as early as the conception stage. We had to re-engage mothers much before delivery and partner them right into motherhood.


Johnson’s products are an integral part of the mother-baby relationship; from the first touch to the first kiss. It’s these intimate moments where the brand flourished.

One such expression of a mother’s love for her baby is the effort and creativity with which she plans and prepares her baby’s future room. Johnson’s decided to leverage on this natural nesting instinct of mothers and recreated this desire in the all familiar social world.

Thus we launched “Babyroom-Makeover-Campaign”.

Case 3 – Social Gaming

















“Babyroom-Makeover-Campaign” was launched on Facebook to leverage the phenomenal social graphs of women and mums. We seeded conversations online, mothers could make sample rooms on the web-banners and were then directed to Facebook, where they could choose from a variety of cupboards, wall-hangings, toys and baby-cribs and decorate their dream babyroom.

Johnson’s baby products were integrated in the room-design to reinforce their role in a baby’s upbringing. Mother could share and see other babyrooms on the ‘Wall-Of-Fame’.


The “Babyroom-makeover-App” turned Malaysian mothers into social gamers increasing brand love for Johnson’s.

_The campaign saw more than 96 million organic impressions, generating RM1.76 million in earned-media and reached 83% of the online mothers.

_Sales jumped by an astonishing 152% for ‘Baby Bath’ products.

_Johnson’s once again reinforced itself as mother’s confidant.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,