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Naga English 1

“Oh My English!”

Astro intended to launch “Oh My English!” Malaysia’s first situational comedy programme that promotes learning English

Source: Naga DDB Insights,

Idea Monday 26: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Carling Black Label, Coca-Cola, Nissan LEAF, Nissan, Mobile Medic

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,

Idea Monday 25: What a Blast!

Featured brands: VW, Mercury Energy, Energy Drink V, SMART, Stella Artois

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,
QR 1

QR Codes For Brand Reach and Engagement

QR Codes: They remain somewhat controversial, but are a hot topic with digital marketers.

OMD YouTube 3

YouTube Launches a New Tube

YouTube throws its weight behind professional and commercial content.


Idea Monday 24: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Renault 4, Uniqlo, Delite-O- Matic, Missing Children, NIKE

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,

Idea Monday 23: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Nike, FuelBand, Ford, Virtual Exhibition, Help Remedies, Toy Toyota

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,

American Airlines Soars With Social Engagement

American Airlines’ Social Engagement Soars with Mystery Miles Facebook Campaign


Idea Monday 22: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Evian Water, Evian, Tourism, British Columbia, Tweets, Tweet, Billboard, Bradesco

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,
Naga Clean 2

Clean & Clear Girl-A-Thon for Teenagers

Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser engages young girls who become self-conscious when their skin gets OILY!

Source: Naga DDB Insights,