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Gangnam 6

Politics Gets Comfy with Digital and Social Tools

The 2012 Presidential Election of the United States of America has generated considerable buzz from it’s online campaign


Idea Monday 38: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Vodafone, QR Code, Air NZ, Philips

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Idea Monday 37: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Jameson Irish Whisky, LG, Mercedes Benz, Axe, Coke Zero

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Idea Monday 36: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Red Bull, iPad, Aldo, Comodo, Nike

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Idea Monday 31: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Mclaren, Channel 4, Grolsch Beer, Police

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Gangnam 1

Let’s do the “Gangnam”!

Why and how the “Gangnam Style” became such a big buzz and a huge unmatched phenomenon?


Idea Monday 30: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Levi’s, VW, Louis Vuitton, Mas Def, Nike +, Innovation, Nissan

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,
OMD Facebook Tips 1

Tips to Increase Facebook Fans

How brands can manage their social initiatives and recruit more brand advocates on Facebook


Idea Monday 29: What a Blast!

Featured brands: NIKE, Commonwealth Bank, Gillette, Qantas

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Idea Monday 28: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Google Chrome, FHM, NIKE, Doritos

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