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Asia-Pacific YouTube Ads Leaderboard

List of the 10 ads on YouTube that resonated most with audiences across Asia-Pacific

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Case 6 – Multi-Platform Content

Microsoft Opens the Windows to Happiness

Microsoft: Not just for the office but for organizing our everyday lives; and for happiness

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Case 3 – Social Gaming

Turning Malaysian Mothers into Social Gamers

A “Babyroom-Makeover-Campaign” turns Malaysian mothers into social gamers increasing brand love for Johnson’s

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Case 2 - Crowdsourcing Product Innovation

Dutch Lady: Crowdsourcing Product Innovation

The ballots were cast, and Sweet Corn won the elections with a big fight from others!

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Turning Influencers into Advocates

What must you do to convert Influencers into Brand Advocates?


What’s the Big Deal About RFID?

About RFID & how Carlsberg Malaysia took advantage of the technology at their 2011’s “Where’s the party” Carlsberg event.

Social Media OMG

Are You Winning or Losing the Social Game?

Digital Sphere: 8 Social Media Metrics You Are Advised Never to Ignore

Altimeter Social Media Crisis (YoY)

The Bane of Social Media Strategies in Perspective

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

2016 Pic 1

Technologies Designed to Dazzle Come 2016!

PHD Malaysia discussed new technologies that will become prevalent over the next five years and their impact on society and the marketing and communications industry

Social Media 12 Picture4

Social Media: A Staple for Malaysians?

46% of Malaysian social media users utilise a mobile phone for social media interaction