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Mind Mapping Tips

The Awesome Science of Mindmapping

Mindmapping is a very serious and well researched subject, or art … or something . Whatever it is a map of the mind is definately something to be valued and this ‘instructionalicious’ guide is no exception. Allow this infographic to simultaneously blow and map your mind

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First of its Kind Motion Sensor a Huge Success

The ‘Move’ app, created for client 100Plus saw a total of 27,961 sets of exercises performed throughout the campaign. Within just two months from the app launch, the app received more than 3,289 App downloads between the contest period of 15 May to 6 Aug, 2013.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Shutter Trends

Shutterstock’s Annual Design Trends: 2013 Edition

Infographic Short-Take 2012: Evolving Trends, Trends Here to Stay, What’s Hot! and More

Source: Shutterstock Blog,
Our World 100

Our World in 100 Years!

Will everything in our world change dramatically in 100 years?

Honda at 100

Honda Accord: Evolving Thru’ 3 Decades

Honda marked 30 years of Accord production in the US in 2012

Source: Randy Krum

What’s the Big Deal About RFID?

About RFID & how Carlsberg Malaysia took advantage of the technology at their 2011’s “Where’s the party” Carlsberg event.

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iSnap: Your News Come Alive!

The Star decides to get innovative – yet again with iSnap!