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Twitter Profile

The Ultimate Twitter Profile

So what does a sharp Twitter profile look like, and what are the top-notch tweeting best practices? View inside the Ultimate Twitter Profile mockup/infographic

Social Media Posts

Creating the ‘Perfect’ Social Media Post

An infographic from My Clever Agency provides basic guidelines for creating effective Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ posts



Just what do you need to do in order to get retweets? Here are some tips to mull over…


The Anatomy of Going Viral

What makes something go viral? Here is how your content can potentially go from one view to millions!

tips engagement-on-your-website

Tips for Increasing Engagement on Your Website

User engagement is a critical piece of the online marketing puzzle for Publishers and Websites. Here are 11 quick and simple tips to increase engagement and become a marketing rock star!

Facebook Checklist

Does Your Facebook Page Rock?

Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing on Facebook is right or not? Savour this simple “infographic” and “extended” checklist to properly evaluate your Facebook Page and see if you’re on the right track


The Ingredients to Tasty SEO

When it comes to helping people find your business via search engines like Google and Bing, use the ingredients in this inforgraphic and you’ll have a recipe for success.

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Social Media OMG

Are You Winning or Losing the Social Game?

Digital Sphere: 8 Social Media Metrics You Are Advised Never to Ignore

OMD Facebook Tips 1

Tips to Increase Facebook Fans

How brands can manage their social initiatives and recruit more brand advocates on Facebook

QR 1

QR Codes For Brand Reach and Engagement

QR Codes: They remain somewhat controversial, but are a hot topic with digital marketers.