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Naga DDBlitz December 2011 - Bringing the nation together, one apology at a time 1

DiGi Moves to Neutralise Angst, Accusations and Finger Pointing

A campaign that persuaded Malaysians to open-up and seek forgiveness for offending others

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,

Painting the Year in Auspicious Colours!

CNY 2011: Naga DDB took a light-hearted approach and created digital advertisements to encourage users to find out their lucky colours for the year

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,
AirAsia - Digital Search

AirAsia X Brings London and Kuala Lumpur Closer

Branded keywords, ads that inspired, competitor analysis, clicks, qualified traffic and an outstanding copy delivered results beyond expectations to AirAsia X

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.Pomaleh@carat .com