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Malaysia Airlines and Rally Break New Ground On Facebook

Malaysia Airlines is making a global push in its social media strategy with the launch of its Facebook page across its 18 key markets and 16 time zones.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Case 6 – Multi-Platform Content

Microsoft Opens the Windows to Happiness

Microsoft: Not just for the office but for organizing our everyday lives; and for happiness

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Case 3 – Social Gaming

Turning Malaysian Mothers into Social Gamers

A “Babyroom-Makeover-Campaign” turns Malaysian mothers into social gamers increasing brand love for Johnson’s

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Case 1 – Social by Design

F&N: Dancing with the Mob!

F&N removes the fear of having to dance alone by enticing the youth to participate in Malaysia’s largest ever Augmented Reality Dance Mob

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Case 4 – Topical Marketing

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Frisco’s first ever topical marketing campaign generated 11,000 quality interactions from mothers; and subsequently viraling to almost 4.1 million Malaysians.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,

Danone Dumex: Only But the Truth!

The media hype about sugar has consumers confused and curious – a dedicated microsite with pertinent information from Danone Dumex clears the air


Snickers to the Rescue; When Hunger Strikes!

The chocolate covered energy bar snares urban males with a game on banners in cyberspace


McDonald’s Asks – What’s “G” in the GCB?

A scaled budget, a limited time period was all OMD had to work with to quickly drive awareness, interest and trial for a new product offereing from the fast food Giant

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Malaysianising The Afro-Portuguese Foreigner

Nando’s takes note of the increasing distrust in mainstream media; and earns the Malaysian Netizens’ trust by being the objective people’s voice online

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,
Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Accelerates Conversations

A campaign by OmnicomMediaGroup for Roller Coaster elevates conversations about the brand in the social space and delivers more fans as well as sales