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Malaysian Consumers All For Premium Small Appliances

Advancing economy over the years has brought about increasing consumer sophistication and spending power, effectively stimulating the premium segment of the appliances market in Malaysia


First Time Home Buyers Concerned About Affordability and Rising Prices

The Asia Property Market Sentiment Report 2013 for the second half of the year revealed that first time home buyers are concerned about not being able to own a property due to rising house prices

Smartphone Rpt

Google Research Reveals Dramatic Rise in Smartphone Penetration

Google released new research that showed Malaysia’s smartphone penetration has increased nearly 300% since 2011, revealing opportunities for smart businesses to reach and engage this growing segment of the population.

Source: Emerald Communications Malaysia,
Facebook Segments

The 9 Types of Facebook Users

Which one are YOU?

Ipsos Spend Pay Later

What the Heck! Spend Now, Pay Later!

Affluent Malaysians with disposable income are spending more…Even though Malaysians are not earning more, they are spending more every month, using credit cards to pay for purchases. More inside…

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Malaysia: Consumers’ Prefer Larger Capacity Appliances

Washing machine and refrigerator volume sales recorded double digit growth in Malaysia in Jan-May 2013: GfK

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Malaysian Consumer Confidence Quarter 1, 2013

Nielsen: Malaysian consumer confidence up four points to 107 In first quarter 2013. Optimism towards local job prospects and personal finances fuel strong confidence level in Malaysia

Infographic OMD Milk May 2013

Milking the First Gen-Y Parents

Gen-Y and the older generation go head-to-head in this infographic over influences on choice of infant formula, source of information, reasons for moving a brand into their decision set and more

Source: OmnicomMediaGroup,
Hotel Amenities

What Guests Want from Hotels

What do guests really want from hotels? What do they include in their laundry list of expected and must-have “perks and goodies” from hotels? Check-out this infographic for ideas

Source: Randy Krum
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Southeast Asian Consumers Spend More on Appliances

Over 30 million units of small domestic appliances sold across five key markets in the region; European brands gaining grounds: Gfk

Source: GfK Asia Pte Ltd,