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Case 5 – Branded Content on TV

Baby Tales to Restore Domestic Harmony

Johnson’s Baby conjures Baby Tales to strengthen its leadership in a category that is not only competitive but is witnessing the increasing influence of new age mums as well

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Case 7 – Shopper Marketing

Dutch Lady Takes Moms by Surprise

IPG Mediabrands leverages an untapped position to bring alive ‘Applied-Learning’ by creating, collecting and showcasing very Smart Tales from Moms nationwide

Source: IPG Mediabrands,
Logo Wars

Popular Logos at Loggerheads

An overview of how the companies behind these logos go head to head…

Logos Evolve

Evolving Signatures of Global Brands

Must logos evolve to withstand the test of time? Think about it!

Allianz logo

Allianz Prolongs the Drive to Keep Children Safe on the Road

Allianz Malaysia will continue to distribute free Child Safety Booster Seats nationwide in 2013


Do People Buy Paint? Or Ideas?

The rising cost of living has blunted the repainting plans of many homeowners. Nippon Malaysia tasked Naga DDB to stimulate homeowner’s interest

Source: Naga DDB Insights,
Gangnam 1

Let’s do the “Gangnam”!

Why and how the “Gangnam Style” became such a big buzz and a huge unmatched phenomenon?

Drypers New

Drypers Renovates and Expands its Range

The renovation of Drypers package and the inclusion of the Toiletries range adds value to the popular baby products brand

Source: BrandCare,