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Technologies Designed to Dazzle Come 2016!

The presentation was based on the content of a book launched by PHD recently, titled, 2016 – Beyond the Horizon. Which explores the likely developments within areas such as connected TVs, markerless augmented reality, enhanced voice-recognition, Natural User Interface (NUI) and NFC (Near Field Communication) and how, coupled with the acceleration of social media usage, they are changing the actual physics of marketing.

2016 Pic 1“New media platforms and smart devices are helping to drive sales and loyalty with input and influence from every single consumer. The future that awaits our industry is connected, networked and dotted with exciting opportunities, waiting to be explored,” Andreas Vogiatzakis, MD, Omnicom Media Group, Malaysia.

2016 Pic 2“We are living in a world, where technology is enriching the consumer experience. Technological development will enable us to move one step further on our journey towards abundance – where we are able to be everywhere with everyone with everything in the moment. With this paradigm, we can assess the technologies that are likely to gain traction over the next five years,” Audrey Chong, GM, PHD


And come 2016:

  • The most defining difference from now will be people looking through their devices and holding them in-front of their vision to augment their surroundings. It will be a common sight all around us.
  • Voice controlled smart devices will act like personal assistants. We will speak naturally into them to book restaurants, flights or even to find out specific pieces of information.
  • An increasing amount of purchases will be made after a device has been held over the product to see a summary of user reviews and even brand sentiment.
  • Youth audiences will hold phones in front of their friends’ faces to gain access to their social graph. A large percentage of youths will abandon any concerns of data-privacy, as the desire to be witnessed will be overwhelming. They will be further incentivised by additional benefits that they receive such as micro-payments, tailored content, pay-wall access, free wi-fi and the kudos of belonging to well-branded groups.
  • Devices will be constantly tapped as people use them in most parts of their daily lives from payment-pads to shop windows to check-in or check-out.
  • TV viewing will be done in some connection with people in the same social graph – people will get used to knowing who they are watching TV with. A large percentage of people will consume TV with their smart-device in their hands and have the content working across both screens.
  • The smart device will commonly be used to find out more information and an increasing amount of products within content embedded with more information, socially enabled so they can ‘Like’ them and connected to an e-commerce engine so they can buy there and then.