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Are You Winning or Losing the Social Game?

The  number  of  fans  and  followers  or  quantity  of  posts  and  photo tags  are  not  necessarily  indicators  of  social  media  success.  Here  are 8 tips  to determine if  you’re winning or  losing  the  social  game.

  1. Study incoming traffic on the web. Take note of all sources of incoming traffic then determine which is driving the most visitors followed by the length of time spent on the site.
  2. Social media post quality. You’re on to something good if posts are sparking conversations and generating comments. These are reassuring indicators that your posts are interesting enough for fans to want to be involved .
  3. Keep track of fans and followers. Observe when fans or follower base is growing or dwindling in numbers – which is what you would want to stop doing. Your goal should be to expand the number of fans or followers.
  4. Evaluate fan interaction. Quality of posts aside, what is the percentage of fans that actually engage with your page? It is important to keep this in mind by tweaking posts accordingly to spur exchanges.Social Media OMG
  5. Track feedback from fans. Positive feedback reinforces what has been working all these while. Though, there would be instances where there would be bouts of negative feedback. Capitalize on those constructively through improvisation. After all, the social media realm is a constantly evolving sphere.
  6. Going viral. Pictures, videos and articles that are once published to the online sphere will be there for good. How quickly it spreads through sharing is an evident measure of success.
  7. Does your client use social media? If upper management on client’s end has not had prior exposure to any social networks, it makes it harder for them to evaluate a social media campaign. Social Media 101, anyone?
  8. Don’t forget your blogs. Don’t forget to keep track of comments on blogs where valuable information can be disclosed at times.

Set realistic goals and determine measurement criteria with your media planners all of which would help track your campaign as it goes along. Hopefully, a social media campaign would produce one metric outcome that exceeds your expectations!