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RHB is the First to Receive Facebook Verification

The verification will separate the RHB Page from unauthorized RHB Pages, building trust in customers and fans when they ‘Like’ the RHB Page.

Verified Pages and Profiles have a small, dark blue checkmark beside their name on timelines, search results, and elsewhere on the social network.

Kishore SamuelAs users typically allow brands to access their information when ‘Liking’ a page and interacting with the brand’s Facebook application, the Facebook verification will give users confidence knowing their personal information is accessed and stored by a trusted brand.

This verification will also allow RHB to perform more functional marketing programs on a platform that has become a main communication platform among netizens, says Kishore Samuel, Head, Group Corporate Brand Management, RHB Bank Bhd.

“Many among our target group are Facebook users and with the information that users share via Facebook, we are now able to better understand our customers’ demographics, behaviors and sentiments.”

“These insights will allow us to serve our customers with products specific to their needs. If a customer is a frequent flyer, through our interaction with them on Facebook, we can now serve them with deals and offers that will make us more relevant to them.”

RHB has always aimed to deliver firsts in a convoluted market and with the introduction of RHB Easy, RHB Now and partnerships with PayPal, it’s clear that the bank’s focus is on meeting the needs of digital-savvy and time-poor customers, explains Kishore.

“Management is aware that customer preferences are quickly changing and have plans in place to navigate this chaotic space. Social media was identified in 2012 as a platform which can meet multiple business objectives and considerable resources have been put in place to drive this forward.”

“RHB aspires to lead the social media space in the region by introducing social by design marketing programs to deliver tailored experiences to its customers”

Facebook first announced the launch of Verified Pages and profiles on May 29, 2013 for a small group of prominent public figures with large audiences.

Now, just eight months after launching its Page on Facebook, and despite being a late entrant, RHB is the first among its peers to be given this recognition.

Rally, the social media arm of media agency, UM was instrumental in RHB’s social media strategies that have been able to rack up over 80,000 ‘Fans’ in the short period since launch and attract the interest of Facebook.

“This is the result of a strong collaboration between us and the Rally team who have steered our social strategies in the right direction,” said Kishore.

Source: Universal McCann,