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Reinventing Instant Coffee, Café Style


The rise of café culture has redefined the benchmark for a quality cup of coffee and influenced the launch of more premium coffee solutions for in-home consumption such as coffee machines. This resulted in a dip in sales for instant coffee.

Nescafé was searching for a range of innovative concepts for the next generation of instant coffee to keep the category relevant and attractive.

Nescafe Eyeka 1


We challenged the eYeka community across the globe to reinvent instant coffee to offer the specialness and quality of a cup of coffee you get in a coffee shop while keeping the convenience of “instant”, at home. Our brief: “Make the best of both worlds by reinventing instant coffee with a new product idea so it can be enjoyed at home as a treat, café style.”

In 3 weeks, our community developed 138 ideas, originating from over 40 countries.


eYeka’s creators reinvented the next generation of instant coffee, café style across five major areas. 17 idea clusters from the entries were identified as potential game changers and turned into research-ready concept proposals.

Nestlé then organised focus groups within Australia to assess their commercial viability. They are now in test phases across 6 markets. In addition to NPD, the creators’ ideas inspired Nescafé to change its packaging and its communication, especially around gift packs.

Due to the success of this initial project, Nestle is considering using eYeka across its portfolio.

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