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RCI Emails to Improve the Customer Experience

RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange. With more than 4,000 affiliated resorts located in 100 countries, RCI’s nearly million members have access to countless vacation exchange opportunities.RCI 1

RCI has been working with e-Dialog for several years to build relevant communication with its members, and more recently to analyze the value of its e-mail subscribers. Armed with this information and as part of its commitment to improving its members’ experience while reducing its carbon footprint, RCI made it a priority to migrate much of its direct mail member communications to e-mail. e-Dialog delivered the solution to help RCI in this move.

Phil Brojan, vice president at RCI, elaborates, “Our strategy was to migrate our Member Notifications to a paperless model to better service our members while conserving costs and natural resources. e-Dialog’s analysis showed us that upgrading the RCI e-mails was worth the process and helped point us in the right direction.” The analysis also helped RCI to identify the opportunity for cost savings through e-mail with transactional messaging, which allows RCI to invest more in member benefits.

A Seamless Transaction

RCI migrated the bulk of its transactional messaging from direct mail to e-mail. As part of its Member Notifications program, RCI uses
e-Dialog’s sophisticated trigger solution to e-mail more than 60 different transactional messages in nine different languages. These include vacation confirmations, vacation cancellation notices, and RCI 2Points renewal messages, to name a few.

Jen Renna, e-Dialog account director explains, “Historically, RCI sent all of their transactional messages through direct mail which was more time consuming and more costly than e-mail. Using our trigger solution, the customer’s action generates the appropriate e-mail in near real time, thus getting the notification into the member’s hands much more quickly than direct mail.”

To achieve this for so many scenarios, the e-Dialog team worked closely with RCI’s IT and Development group to define the business
requirements that would customize the solution for RCI’s needs. This partnership is ongoing as there are continual additions of new triggers, creative refreshes, and other regular updates.

Savings to Write Home About

Since implementing its Member Notifications e-mail program, RCI has cut program costs in half while saving more than 5 million pieces of paper and an estimated 435 trees. These impressive statistics speak to the highly efficient and sustainable nature of e-mail. As is common with transactional messages, open and click rates have been high at 62% and 10% respectively.RCI 3

Due to the success of the program, RCI recently launched Member Notifications in 11 new languages, increasing their messaging to over 100 potential versions.

As part of its Member Notifications program, RCI uses e-Dialog’s sophisticated trigger solution to e-mail more than 60 different transactional messages in nine languages. These include vacation confirmations, vacation cancellation notices, and Points renewal messages, to name a few.

All of the triggers, including this deposit acknowledgement e-mail, are sent in near real time.


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