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QR Codes For Brand Reach and Engagement

Whatever your opinion on QR codes, you have to admit they have permeated the digital space with a vengeance. They are somewhat controversial, but remain a hot topic, especially among digital marketers.

The question is, how should we use these enigmatic little blobs of code? The boring examples include scavenger hunts, restaurant menus, wine bottles, T-shirts, rewards, free downloads, links to websites and more. But here we are going to explore the more unusual and creative uses of QR codes, from brands and organizations alike.

Even with a great and innovative idea, it often comes down to practicality. It could be a while before the act of scanning QR codes is routine enough to make even the best campaigns completely effective.

Yet brands, organizations, and agencies persists, and they are coming up with some intriguing stuff. QR codes have many uses – some function on a large scale, while others are quite modest. Here’s wide range of examples to think and learn more.

Soehne & Partner: QR Code Hotel

QR 1

This intriguing project from Dubai appears to still be the planning stages, but if realized, it would be an incredible sight. Soechne & Partner released images of the design, showing large, upscale hotel entirely covered in QR codes. It’s unclear what the codes scan to, or if they purely a design element, but the computer-generated images in themselves are very impressive and definitely worth a look.

QR 2

Fundadora Proanimal Chile: Giving Dogs a Voice

QR 3

The Fundadora Proanimal Chile hired agency Satvia to create a social movement to raise awareness of the mass killings of wild dogs, enforced by the mayor San Joaquin.

Dogs were armed with QR codes on their collars so onlookers could scan and receive letter in the voice of the dog, as well as links for more information. It’s not clear how much good was done by this unusual and clever campaign, but what an intriguing effort.

Heinz- Our Turn to Serve

QR 4

After scanning the QR code on the back of a ketchup bottle, customers could leave a personalized message to members of the American military. On top of that, for every “thank you” message sent, Heinz donated 57 cents to the Wounded Warrior Project.


Victoria’s Secret: Sexier Than Skin

There are similar billboard QR campaigns out there, but this one has an extra edge. It’s eye-catching QR 5because the women appear to be naked under the codes, and, there’s actually a purpose to taking out your phone and scanning –  to see the hidden undies. This campaign, created by a Miami Ad School student, actually makes the code an intrinsic part of engaging with the advertisement.


OneXOne: QR Code Hairstyles

This QR code haircut campaign was based off a similar campaign from a Japanese shampoo brand. OneXOne is a non-profit  foundation for children around the world, and last year media agency Engageia helped execute this eye-catching campaign – shaving QR code designs on the backs of the heads of their young “hope” agents. Scanning the codes allowed supporters to donate $5 by text message of credit card.