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Prudential: “Always Listening, Always Understanding”

Project Listen 1The Brief

2012 marks Prudential’s 88th year in Malaysia and the company wanted to thank stakeholders for their support. But beyond just something that was all fanfare and celebratory which would be easily forgotten in a few months, the challenge was to give them something meaningful; and to reflect the company’s ethos of ‘always listening, always understanding’.

The Opportunity

Many insurers speak of humanizing insurance but yet do not walk the talk. A lot is said in words but very little manifests itself in action. NagaDDB saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring to life what ‘always listening, always understanding’ means to Prudential, and through it hopefully reframe the way the insurance category talks and engages with Malaysia.

The Idea

Project Listen 2Project Listen: The human spirit is a beautiful and wonderful force to be reckoned with. Project Listen is a commitment in wanting to listen and celebrate the many exemplary examples of its strength at work.

It is a depository of ‘life experiences’ for Malaysians to draw strength and inspiration from.

The Execution

To kick start, NagaDDB produced 5 ‘interview videos’ consisting a diverse group of individuals. From a mother recollecting the moment she was told her newborn had a hole in the heart, to a former Pudu prison inmate who spoke about finding humanity in a place assumed to be devoid of it.

Digital was the point of collation and storage – the central depository of these stories. TV was the primary reach vehicle whilst social networks were their targeted platforms. Via these platforms, the company seeded out the 5 videos and prompted viewers to visit their home on the web.

And all they asked of Malaysians?

Share the videos with friends if they found them meaningful. And if they had a story of their own, to contribute it so that others draw strength from it. As a further incentive, Prudential pledged RM1 to PRUkasih for every share.

PRUkasih is Prudential’s corporate social responsibility initiative that provides financial protection to underprivileged families in urban areas. And never throughout the communication was there any overt or direct product selling.

Project Listen 3

The Result

Project Listen is an ongoing commitment from Prudential to listen to as many Malaysian voices. In the first 2 weeks of launch, recorded more than 52,000 unique visitors.

NagaDDB and Prudential hope to sustain and grow viewership over the coming months with more content planned. More importantly, achieving the RM1mil target for the PRUkasih fund with the help of all Malaysians is a top priority.

Project Listen 5 Project Listen 4


Source: Naga DDB Insights,