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Politics Gets Comfy with Digital and Social Tools

The digital campaign for both President Obama and Governor Romney has been huge since the beginning. The 2012 Presidential Election of the United States of America has generated buzz from it’s online campaign ads with both candidates pouring millions of dollars into attempting to sway online voters during the recently ended election.

Obama OMD 1

So who was the bigger spender in campaigning and advertising, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? To begin with, the overall spend for online campaigning ads this 2012 election recorded a staggering 251% increase compared to the 2008 election of $22 million.

A final compilation by showed that President Barack Obama’s team spent an astonishing $52 million in comparison to Mitt Romney’s $26 million campaign expenditure which adds up to the $78 million overall spend.

In the end, what matters most is who America voted for President. After months of campaigning throughout the USA, America voted and they made their voice heard by picking President Barack Obama to helm the White House for another term.

And on Election Day itself, over 9 million check-ins at polling centers were recorded on Facebook. While on Foursquare, similar check-ins could be seen throughout Election day through real-time updates – though there are no official statements on the final check-ins made.

Upon clinching his 2nd Presidential term, President Obama, which in itself is a historic win, tweeted “Four more years..” along with a picture of the Obamas embracing and that tweet has quickly became the most retweeted in Twitter history with a whopping *799,000 Retweets and 286,000 Favorites.Obama OMD 2

Meanwhile the same picture posted on Barack Obama’s official Facebook page has gained over *4 million Likes, 568,000 Shares and 200,000 Comments from all across the globe, which is also the most “Liked” photo on Facebook ever!

On a similar note, President Obama’s official Facebook page garnered 33 million “Likes” and is still generating much hype with over 12 million tags. Meanwhile, according to reports by The Daily Dot, several people have “Unliked” Governor Romney’s Facebook page soon after he conceded the election – as of the last count, at least 50,000 Fans or more.

And if you’re wondering how it faired on other social media platforms, Instagram and Foursquare were big hits as well!

According to an official statement by Instagram, the number of Instagram photos uploaded each second surged to 2.1x the normal rate immediately following the projection that Barack Obama has clinched a second term in the White House.Obama OMD 3

And overall, there were about 100,000 photos tagged with #Ivoted and 150,000 with #election2012 on Instagram in the United States.