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Perodua Delivers a “Differentiated” Campaign for CNY, 2011

The Challenge

Chinese New Year (CNY), like any other festive celebration, is a period where we see a glut of ‘corporate festive’ greetings from many, if not all large brands in Malaysia. Like Christmas, CNY is a prime opportunity for companies to hock their wares.

And amidst the various tactical campaigns and promotions, some companies choose this period to create heartfelt brand messages.

A key favourite of many advertisers is to leverage the usage of the animal sign for the said year and try to creatively express it differently or more meaningful.

Against this fear of parity and ubiquity was the brief that was sent to Naga DDB – give me a PRINT ad creative that resonates but more importantly differentiates.

Not an easy task given that we’re trying to induce emotional empathy through the most static of mediums.

The Idea

Chinese homes use to have tear-away calendars that would list propitious tasks to be performed on the day. Over the years, these traditional Chinese calendars have been replaced by trendier calendars making traditional calendars a rare find.

Img3However, anyone that has grown up in a traditional Chinese homes remembers these calendars fondly.

We brought the Lunar calendar back for this Chinese New Year to create a sense of nostalgia for people to remember “where they came from” as they travel home for the holidays.

The ExecutionImg4

The print ad shows a visual of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the date depicting the first day of CNY.

The messages inside the ‘calendar’ were auspicious tasks for the first day of CNY, which included Perodua test drives and road-safety reminders.

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,