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Painting the Year in Auspicious Colours!

The Challenge

It was the advent of Chinese New Year, which is traditionally considered repainting season. So, we at Naga DDBwere tasked with attracting potential yet pragmatic paint customers. However, our budget didn’t permit us to dangle “gifts”.

We started with the understanding that the Chinese society tends to place emphasis on rituals leading up to the New Year, one of which is maximising one’s luck in the coming year. Paint equals colours. And colours are associated with luck.

But we weren’t going to create a ‘one size fits all lucky colour palette’ as it just wasn’t credible. Instead, we used a common ritual that was relevant.

The Idea

The practice of Feng Shui is important to the Chinese community. Part of Feng Shui is the reading of an individual’s ‘Bazi number’. This number is based on a person’s birth date, to which a set of fortune colours is matched with.

And so Nippon Paint’s Auspicious App was created! We took a light-hearted approach and created digital advertisements to encourage users to find out their lucky colours for the year.

The Execution

An online auspicious colour application was developed and hosted on Nippon’s corporate website. Users submit their details to determine their Gua number. Once the number is generated, auspicious colours are provided for wealth, family, health, love, career and education. This app also provided sets of complementing colours.
















Users could then find out how these colours looked on their walls via the free Colour Scheme Services. All users needed to do was upload a picture of their home on the CSS site and sign up for the free service.

Online banners were placed on various sites to drive traffic to the website. Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was also carried out during the campaign and free Nippon 2011 Auspicious Colour Guides were also distributed at outlets. 

The Result

The campaign successfully increased traffic to Nippon Paint’s corporate website with 32,864 unique visitors and over 80% new visits during the campaign period. Average time spent on the app was 3.54 minutes. Greater awareness for CSS was also achieved with 9,167 unique visitors and over 80% new users with an average of 5.07 minutes spent on the site.



Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,