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Do People Buy Paint? Or Ideas?


Given today’s precarious and uncertain socio-economic climate, Malaysians have very little reason to be cheerful about.

We set out to spread some cheer by demonstrating how colours could uplift environments and evoke positive feelings.

Subtly implying that sometimes, all it takes is a little paint make-over to inject a new bounce in their step everyday. The question we asked – What would you create?


The Execution

Even with our emotional proposition, it could not guarantee the increase in sales. We needed to overcome two key barriers – repainting is a ‘nice-to-have‘ and repainting is expensive as well as a hassle.


Our solution

  • Inspire imagination. Inspire action – people don’t buy paint, people buy into ideas.
  • Keep it real. People know that outlandish ideas are unattainable.

To achieve this, an integrated campaign across TV, Print and Online was deployed, and each medium had a pivotal role to play.

  • TV – to position colours as the emotional trigger for uplifting environments
  • Print – to inspire readers with ‘attainable’ home make-over ideas
  • Facebook fan Page – to complement the campaign with more make-over ideas and drive consumers to our new home website’s Gallery of Inspiration for even more ideas.
  • Revamped Home Website – make the repainting journey an easy and seamless one;  Colour Scheme Services for an accurate decision on colour choice and Paint Guru for an accurate estimation of paint required as well as its cost.


Even our Blobbies evolved. We introduced a new gang of Blobbies that represented various emotions, this further enhanced the proposition of how colours influence emotions.

The Results

During the first week of launch, we recorded more than 41,000 unique visitors searching for inspirations in our new Nippon Paint website.

Our Facebook view count recorded 3500 views for the inspiration ideas shared. Interaction saw a spike of 640 interactions within the first week.

More importantly sales grew 21% (as of June 2012 sales performance figure) despite the ‘soft’ market situation.

Source: Naga DDB Insights,