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Munchy’s – ‘Serious About Fun’

The Opportunity

Munchys 1Munchy’s turned 20 in 2010. For its 20th Anniversary celebrations, the brief was to come up with a campaign that reinforces Munchy’s brand essence – ‘Serious about Fun’.

After numerous visits to Munchy’s, the team at Naga DDB noticed that they were extremely stringent about quality and also R&D Innovations. They really weren’t kidding when they said they were serious about fun.

The Idea

Inspired by the Munchy’s factory, Naga DDB decided to show the fun side of serious. So they created the Munchy’s Funbots. Each robot was created based on a specific process part of the factory – mixing, moulding, baking and packing.

Naga DDB had Michael Oven, who bakes the biscuits. Chop Chop the mould making robot. DJ Mixer, mixing machine extraordinaire. And last but not least, BeatBox the packing machine that’s also a B-boy wannabe.

Their mission in life? Sharing the fun (and Munchy’s biscuits) with Malaysians everywhere.

Munchys 2

The Execution

During a press conference announcing the celebration plans for the 20th anniversary, the Funbots were unveiled to a surprised group of journalists. Their mission was to march their way from the Munchy’s factory in Batu Pahat, Johor all the way to 1Utama shopping mall. In time for the 20th anniversary celebrations.

As the Funbots danced their way to 1Utama, Naga DDB documented their journey, interactions and fun moments in an entertaining music video titled ‘Share the Fun’ that was aired at the event and also spread online. Throughout the entire anniversary celebrations, thousands of people came to share the fun with Munchy’s and the Funbots.

Universal McCann, Naga DDB’s web and media partners were in charge of Munchy’s digital and social media presence. They created a Funbots dance game on Munchy’s facebook page. Users could choreograph the Funbots to make their own dance sequence complete with custom backgrounds.Munchys 4

The Funbots proved so popular that the clients decided to officially adopt them as the faces of Munchy’s. Now they’re busy engaging fans on the Munchy’s facebook page, entertaining fan requests to perform, even participating in Munchy’s CSR activities like cheering children up at hospitals.

The Results

Munchys 5The Munchy’s facebook fan page grew from 10,000 to over 25,000 likes and counting. There were over 2 million Funbots dance app submissions from our audiences.

And as for the anniversary event at 1 Utama? Munchy’s tripled their initial sales targets.

Fun! It’s serious business!

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,