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Mini Negotiates and “Sticks” to Tight Corners

Agency: Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency.

Client Brand: Mini


Amplify Mini’s proposition – that it “Sticks” to corners.

Insights / Strategy

Affluent “youth” love their fast cars. And taking on a corner is always thrilling.

Therefore, the intention was to showcase that Mini is adept at negotiating “tight corners”.

An assessment of various locations suggested that that Bangsar and Damansara were more suitable because they were home to affluent residents.

The Execution

A fibre glass Mini was built from the ground-up and placed on a billboard that also depicted a curved road to simulate the tight corner Mini S Billboardexperience. This industry-first campaign suggested that Minis can take-on tight corners anytime.

The relevance to the Mini proposition served as a catalyst to the impact delivered by the OOH campaign.