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Microsoft Opens the Windows to Happiness

Agency: IPG Mediabrands

Client Brand: Microsoft


More and more Malaysians saw the PC as the boring computer they use at work and a Mac was what they wanted at home.

We needed to show people that Microsoft is not just for the office but is equally useful in organizing our everyday lives and consequently bring happiness.


In Malaysia, we found that professional success is very important but in attempts to gain professional success, consumers often lose out on valuable family time.

Celebrities are some of the busiest people and they too struggle with balancing the demands of their career and family.

Marrying our insights, we created a multi-platform parallel drama series where celebrities played themselves. It was the perfect context to show how Microsoft products transformed their lives subsequently reliving happiness.

Case 6 – Multi-Platform Content

















Story starts with unhappy popular TV host Naz discovering his low level of connectedness with his loved ones through “Connect-O-Meter” FB-app. 8 TV episodes showcase journey of Naz from unhappy family to a balanced happy family when radio DJ friend Ben introduces him to superpowers, devices with Microsoft products.

Happy Naz shares his experience on Ben’s weekly radio-show. Online, audience choose alternate endings to story, making it viral through Connect-O-Meter app on Microsoft’s FB platform.


The multi-platform integration produced overnight results!

_Campaign reached more than 6 million Malaysians!

_Local campaign site traffic increased nine folds.

_Windows Facebook page saw 188% increase in fanbase.

_“Connect-O-Meter” app generated 217 million impressions and viralled out to more than 2.8 million Malaysians.

_Social media buzz count increased 13 times.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,