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Maybank Celebrates Malaysia’s 50th Birthday

Agency: Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency.

Client Brand: Maybank


Why not create something very special for Maybank to celebrate Malaysia’s 50th year of independence?

Insight / StrategyMaybank 1-2

Kuala Lumpur city was full of lights during the time.

Therefore to stand out, it was critical that any execution must be bigger than life and highly impactfull!

The Execution

Menara Maybank was used as a giant screen – and 24 high-impact projectors were placed on 2 sides of the building with lights projection on the designated sides.

National motifs such as the Malaysian flag, hibiscus flower, national day logo and the declaration of independence were use to amplify the message.

The Result

Cut-through was fantastic and this was evident because taxis were ferrying tourists to the spot to showcase the projection or “attraction”. Pictures were snapped by many of them with the Maybank building as the background.


Maybank 2