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Marie France Blogs to Engage Users


A popular brand with intent to advance to the next level hopes to do so by engaging users and delivering an “experience” beyond the usual.

The Solution

Nuffnang drummed-up a 2-phase campaign designed to engage users though influential bloggers.

In both phases, Marie France Bodyline identified bloggers that fit the bill – which were and

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They were engaged by Marie France Bodyline for a series of treatments. As these treatments progressed, readers were treated to up-dates after each session.

And to sustain the campaign and raise further awareness, banner ads were featured on Nuffnang blogs to drive sign-ups.

Banner Ads (Phase 1) - Sample on blog 1

The Results

280 comments were garnered via 14 sponsored posts whilst reaching out to thousands of blog readers during the first week.

And to cap the campaign’s successful ride, 20 lucky readers were selected to attend a work-shop organized by Marie France Bodyline.

Banner Ads (Phase 3) - Sample on blog 3