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Do People Buy Paint? Or Ideas?

The rising cost of living has blunted the repainting plans of many homeowners. Nippon Malaysia tasked Naga DDB to stimulate homeowner’s interest

Source: Naga DDB Insights,
Gangnam 1

Let’s do the “Gangnam”!

Why and how the “Gangnam Style” became such a big buzz and a huge unmatched phenomenon?

Project Listen 1

Prudential: “Always Listening, Always Understanding”

Prudential’s marks its 88th year in Malaysia by thanking stakeholders for their support

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Naga English 1

“Oh My English!”

Astro intended to launch “Oh My English!” Malaysia’s first situational comedy programme that promotes learning English

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OMD YouTube 3

YouTube Launches a New Tube

YouTube throws its weight behind professional and commercial content.


Nips Teams-Up with Digital Astro to Target the Young

Malay Teens, local celebrities, social gaming, YouTube, Facebook, Astro, Akademi Fantasia, Viral videos – a judicious mix delivers notable results for the Nips brand


Nips Goes Social to Entice the Young

Social gaming takes centre-stage in a campaign targeting the young to entrench the brand proposition as fun, colourful, playful, sociable, young and creative


Idea Monday 1: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Switzerland, Kohlber Bun, Geico, YouTube

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,

Prudential: Getting Young Adults Ready for Insurance

Prudential fuels conversations with young adults in order to subtly steer them to a new life insurance policy specially created for them

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,
Naga DDBlitz December 2011 - Bringing the nation together, one apology at a time 1

DiGi Moves to Neutralise Angst, Accusations and Finger Pointing

A campaign that persuaded Malaysians to open-up and seek forgiveness for offending others

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,