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Do People Buy Paint? Or Ideas?

The rising cost of living has blunted the repainting plans of many homeowners. Nippon Malaysia tasked Naga DDB to stimulate homeowner’s interest

Source: Naga DDB Insights,

Idea Monday 31: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Mclaren, Channel 4, Grolsch Beer, Police

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,
BOH - 1 ummph 1 smile 1 record

BOH ‘s 1 Ummph, 1 Smile, & 1 New Record

BOH moves to stay relevant and refreshing to ensure that it is still the preferred brand with their target consumers

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com
Mentholatum - Burning The Screens with Sunplay 2

Burning the Screens with Sunplay

Carat gets Astro and Sunplay to collaborate and reach Chinese consumers to dispel misconceptions about sunburn with a dash of humour

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com

Breakfast Over the Weekend at McDonald’s! Why Not?

McDonald’s introduces the Family Breakfast Box and drives emotional appeal of the family weekend breakfast to grow trials and weekend sales


Esso & Mobil Synergy5000 Want to be a Positive Force for Good

A collaboration with NTV7 brought experts and celebrities during prime time to share their experiences and tips over 10 episodes; making motorists feel good about themselves, and their cars


Panasonic’s Viera 3D Exceeds Sales Expectations

Anaglyph images of Viera 3D, 1 million stereoscopic 3D eyewear were placed within 5 major newspapers circulated nationwide to create intrigue and deliver interaction with the brand


Munchy’s Sponsors Front Page News – on TV!

A CSR initiative has Munchy’s position itself as a brand that cares about social issues that trouble society, as well as celebrate life and happiness

Mentholatum - Burning The Screens with Sunplay

Burning the Screens with Sunplay

BEST USE OF TV: Short snippets laced with humour demonstrate various everyday scenarios that Sunplay claims to fix

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com
Nokia - World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground (integrated media)

World’s Biggest Angry Birds Playground

The angry bird’s came to rescue Nokia by turning around Malaysian youths who did not see the brand as fun, innovative and exciting

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com