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Malaysianising The Afro-Portuguese Foreigner

Nando’s takes note of the increasing distrust in mainstream media; and earns the Malaysian Netizens’ trust by being the objective people’s voice online

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,

Hasbro Encourages Families to Play and Bond

A campaign in times of economic uncertainly chooses to excite parents and kids with “Family Game Night”; for the entire family to enjoy and become closer

OmnicomMediaGroup Brylcreem Fear Factor 1

Still Standing Strong with Brylcreem

Omnicommediagroup’s campaign for Brylcreem cleverly demonstrates its USP through a special segment of Fear Factor


Munchy’s Sponsors Front Page News – on TV!

A CSR initiative has Munchy’s position itself as a brand that cares about social issues that trouble society, as well as celebrate life and happiness


Ambi Pur Drives to Elevate Desire in a Low Interest Product

Ambi Pur Gel Crystals seeks to increase market share, deliver penetration, drive product relevance and instill desire among consumers to make their home inviting

Nokia - World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground (integrated media)

World’s Biggest Angry Birds Playground

The angry bird’s came to rescue Nokia by turning around Malaysian youths who did not see the brand as fun, innovative and exciting

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com