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Panasonic Casts a Green Pall Over the Competition

OMD’s campaign maneuvers the Panasonic brand right into the hot-spot that was rife with competitive activity; to deliver enviable results


Ridsect Makes Repellents Matter to Indifferent People

OMD raced to drum-up a campaign that made a big deal of the ubiquitous mosquito repellent

Naga DDBlitz December 2011 - Bringing the nation together, one apology at a time 1

DiGi Moves to Neutralise Angst, Accusations and Finger Pointing

A campaign that persuaded Malaysians to open-up and seek forgiveness for offending others

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,
Nokia - World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground (integrated media)

World’s Biggest Angry Birds Playground

The angry bird’s came to rescue Nokia by turning around Malaysian youths who did not see the brand as fun, innovative and exciting

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com

Mosquitoes Get a Deadly Dose from Ridsect’s New Twin Nozzle

OMD’s integrated campaign for Ridsect delivers quite a sting to the enemy – mosquitoes that is!