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Do People Buy Paint? Or Ideas?

The rising cost of living has blunted the repainting plans of many homeowners. Nippon Malaysia tasked Naga DDB to stimulate homeowner’s interest

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Project Listen 1

Prudential: “Always Listening, Always Understanding”

Prudential’s marks its 88th year in Malaysia by thanking stakeholders for their support

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Naga English 1

“Oh My English!”

Astro intended to launch “Oh My English!” Malaysia’s first situational comedy programme that promotes learning English

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Naga Clean 2

Clean & Clear Girl-A-Thon for Teenagers

Clean & Clear® Deep Action Cleanser engages young girls who become self-conscious when their skin gets OILY!

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munchy march 1

Driving Sales in the Stagnant Biscuits Category

Naga DDB crafts a campaign to help Munchy’s drive sales in a category that is pretty much stagnant

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AstroEveryday 2

Every Day is a Great Day for Astro

A campaign to elicit support for a new Chinese movie and outshine an “also ran”

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Munchys 4

Munchy’s – ‘Serious About Fun’

A campaign to reinforce Munchy’s brand essence – and show the fun side of serious

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Astro: Trumping Competition From Across the Causeway With Authenticity

Naga DDB and ASTRO drums-up a campaign to encourage the Johorean Chinese to subscribe to the latter’s services

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image 2

Clean & Clear Builds Stronger Brand Affinity with Teens & Older Teens

Clean & Clear endeavours to make itself more appealing whilst not to be seen as a brand that only rewarded good looks

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Prudential: Getting Young Adults Ready for Insurance

Prudential fuels conversations with young adults in order to subtly steer them to a new life insurance policy specially created for them

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