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Glorifying Munchy’s as a Successful Homegrown Brand

Munchy’s moves to drive-home the fact that its #1 in Malaysia and has in tow a bevy of sub-brands and wide product repertoire; all primed to inject fun into the lives of Malaysian consumers


Munchy’s Mini Neutralizes the After Effects of the “Melamine Scare”!

A promotions campaign to drive sales volume, and inject excitement into a boring category is the thrust of this campaign which was aptly dubbed “Mini Transformers Challenge”


Munchy’s Sponsors Front Page News – on TV!

A CSR initiative has Munchy’s position itself as a brand that cares about social issues that trouble society, as well as celebrate life and happiness

munchy march 1

Driving Sales in the Stagnant Biscuits Category

Naga DDB crafts a campaign to help Munchy’s drive sales in a category that is pretty much stagnant

Source: Naga DDB Insights,
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Munchy’s – ‘Serious About Fun’

A campaign to reinforce Munchy’s brand essence – and show the fun side of serious

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,