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Striking the Smartphone Iron While it’s Hot!

Five lessons every business can learn from Google’s latest smartphone survey

Source: Sajith Sivanandan, Country Manager, Google Malaysia
Mobile Retailing

Will Mobile Influence the Shopper’s Experience Significantly?

A snapshot about how retailers can incorporate mobile technology into their stores to improve the customer experience and sales

Mobile Usage Global

Mobile Usage Around The World

Using data from the UN and PEW, this visualises how those across the world use their mobile phones

2. Celcom

Celcom Entices Rival Customers via Mobile Ad Campaign

Inmobi plans a targeted mobile advertising campaign to launch a new broadband promotion; ensuring that rival customers heard it too

HTC Sensation

Inmobi Drums-Up a Sensational Experience for HTC

InMobi Rich Media provides a sensational advertising experience to promote the new HTC Sensation


Visa Disrupts Traffic to Distract Shoppers

Visa gets in close proximity with high disposable income shoppers in popular malls located at market centres; with eye-popping results to show post-campaign

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Why Bother with Mobile Anyway?

Mobile devices are responsible for over 20 % of all e-commerce shopping – and that number is growing swiftly every year!


American Airlines Soars With Social Engagement

American Airlines’ Social Engagement Soars with Mystery Miles Facebook Campaign


Idea Monday 14: What a Blast!

Featured brands: IKEA’s, Mini, P&G, Pong, Smart Cars, Nokia, Lumia

Source: CreativeJuice\Kuala Lumpur,

Libresse Targets Gen-Y for Rapid Growth

An integrated campaign that went on-air, social, mobile and print complete with cliffhangers and celebrities has consumers spending over 2000 hours on Libresses’ microsite. And there’s more.