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Malaysian Consumers All For Premium Small Appliances

Advancing economy over the years has brought about increasing consumer sophistication and spending power, effectively stimulating the premium segment of the appliances market in Malaysia


First Time Home Buyers Concerned About Affordability and Rising Prices

The Asia Property Market Sentiment Report 2013 for the second half of the year revealed that first time home buyers are concerned about not being able to own a property due to rising house prices

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Google Research Reveals Dramatic Rise in Smartphone Penetration

Google released new research that showed Malaysia’s smartphone penetration has increased nearly 300% since 2011, revealing opportunities for smart businesses to reach and engage this growing segment of the population.

Source: Emerald Communications Malaysia,

Malaysians Share their Views on the GE13 and the Property Market

A snapshot of a survey of over 2,000 respondents which provided valuable insights into how they perceived the current property market


Malaysians Share their Views on the GE13 and the Property Market

Property buyers and investors are hoping that the government will look at curbing the escalating growth in property prices

Source: Malaysia Sdn Bhd,

Kiwi Kleen Delivers Cleaning Tips and Demos

A “30-minute Chef” takes centre-stage to Demonstrate the ease of cleaning via useful and practical tips on TV


Malaysia’s Consumer Confidence Stays in the Top 10!

Malaysian consumer confidence ranks 9th among 58 countries; declines 6 points in q3 2012


Muslims Stock-Up Before the Fasting Month (2011)

70% of MUSLIMS STOCK UP ON NON-PERISHABLE ITEMS PRIOR TO THE FASTING MONTH. Consumers aged 20-39 and central region Muslims stock-up the most