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Jotun Ads

A New Coat of Paint to Welcome Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Brand agency Roar Point executes an integrated campaign for Jotun; encouraging consumers to freshen their homes with a new coat of paint

Source: Long Yun Siang,
Ayamas - Chef Wan Live!

Ayamas + Chef Wan + Bubur Lambuk = An Unforgettable Treat

BEST USE OF ACTIVATION: Chef Wan hits the ground and goes on-air as well to entice Malay consumers to get cuddly with Ayamas’ Bubur Lambuk, a popular Malay dish

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com
Ayamas - Bubur Lambuk

Ayamas Heads for the Malay Heartland to Endear During Ramadhan

BEST USE OF SMALL BUDGET: Celebrity Chef Wan travels to the Malay heartland with Ayamas to amplify the message of sharing; and Carat delivers despite a challenging budget

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com

Baby Kiko Battles Brands with Higher Aspirational Value

The first child makeover reality show takes off in Malaysia and the target, celebrity parents, become fashion stylists for their kids. The programme averaged 300,000 viewers/episode

AirAsia - Newspaper

AirAsia Promotes Local Destination Holidays

BEST USE OF NEWSPAPER: Carat’s strategy for AirAsia delivers deeper insights about local destinations to ramp-up local tourism among the Malay community

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com

Dugro Doubles Planned ROI!

Dumex targets Malay consumers, opts for a contest supported by TV advertising to drive consumption of their product over 2 months


Nips Teams-Up with Digital Astro to Target the Young

Malay Teens, local celebrities, social gaming, YouTube, Facebook, Astro, Akademi Fantasia, Viral videos – a judicious mix delivers notable results for the Nips brand


Nips, Social Gaming and Television Astro

Nips capitalizes on a mass media platform to drive home the fact that it is the undisputed leader in the chocolate segment; particularly amongst Malay Teenagers


Rising Up at Sahur with Super Power

Super Power targets the Malay consumer in urban and sub-urban areas to further penetrate the market; in an atmosphere of aggressive competition and brand proliferation


Dumex Dugro Endears to Malay Consumers

OMDs campaign for Dumex Dugro ropes-in a celebrity couple to touch the hearts of Malay consumers