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Words from The Masters of Copywriting

Read what the masters of persuasion said about crafting a winning sales letter — like many others, perhaps you too can apply this wisdom to your landing pages and other offers

tips engagement-on-your-website

Tips for Increasing Engagement on Your Website

User engagement is a critical piece of the online marketing puzzle for Publishers and Websites. Here are 11 quick and simple tips to increase engagement and become a marketing rock star!

Facebook Checklist

Does Your Facebook Page Rock?

Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing on Facebook is right or not? Savour this simple “infographic” and “extended” checklist to properly evaluate your Facebook Page and see if you’re on the right track


Malaysians Share their Views on the GE13 and the Property Market

A snapshot of a survey of over 2,000 respondents which provided valuable insights into how they perceived the current property market


How to Write Branding Guidelines

Clarity amidst the hodge-podge of elements to figure-out when branding or rebranding – logos, colors, imagery, layout, strategy, tone and more

Source: Ian Flynn
Twit vs Insta

A Social Media Smackdown: Instagram vs. Twitter

Instagram removed the opportunity to view an Instagram photo on Twitter. Users have to click a link to view the image housed on Instagram itself. So instead of Instagram directing traffic to Twitter, the roles have been reversed…


The Ingredients to Tasty SEO

When it comes to helping people find your business via search engines like Google and Bing, use the ingredients in this inforgraphic and you’ll have a recipe for success.

Source: Skadeedle
Logo Wars

Popular Logos at Loggerheads

An overview of how the companies behind these logos go head to head…

Logos Evolve

Evolving Signatures of Global Brands

Must logos evolve to withstand the test of time? Think about it!

Star Wars

The Force is With You!

Facts about one of the most iconic fictional vehicles