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Whats in a name

Top 5 Influential Brands 2013

According to Jeff Bezos, founder of, “your brand is formed primarily, not by what your company says about itself, but what the company does.” Thanks to the ever-evolving wonders of technology, growing connections are constantly fostered between brands and consumers.

Retailer KPIs

4 KPIs Retailers Should Live By

Check out some of the most basic KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) retailers need to be tracking and how they compare with a handful of vertical averages

Mobile Retailing

Will Mobile Influence the Shopper’s Experience Significantly?

A snapshot about how retailers can incorporate mobile technology into their stores to improve the customer experience and sales


Millennials and the Future Of Work

What does being an entrepreneur mean to Millennials? “A creative person with a successful drive to create something new in the business world.” Access to slides and infographic inside

Email 10 Steps

10 Steps to Email Marketing Success

10 Steps to Email Marketing Success infographic

Status Updates

10 Quick Tips and Examples for Better Status Updates

Tips and examples to get the most out of your updates on Facebook and assure that you’re engaging with your fans the right way


Affiliate vs Referral Marketing

An infographic explaining the similarities and differences between affiliate and referral marketing and the pros and cons of each

Mobile Usage Global

Mobile Usage Around The World

Using data from the UN and PEW, this visualises how those across the world use their mobile phones

Release Do Dont

Press Releases Dos & Don’ts

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Words that sell

Power Words that Sell!

Power words can make a big difference in how your marketing message is perceived. Find out what Power Words are all about