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Avis Edialog 5

Avis Emails Syncs with Customer Habits; Improves Interaction

E-mail is a key component of Avis’s marketing strategy; the company sends more than 700,000 promotional “Avis Savers” e-mails per month

BA A 2

e-Dialog GUIDES British Airways to E-MAIL AUTOMATION

British Airways chose e-mail as the primary tool to achieve the company’s key business goals


Email Enables Geotargeted Personalisation for used fan data to develop a highly-relevant e-mail announcement that would speak to each fan directly

AA Net 2

American Airlines Tweaks Their System to Channel More Relevant Emails

American Airlines’ NetSaaver template provides customers with more relevant fares and information

AT 2

Airtran Keeps Customers Engaged Thru’ Partner Offers

With membership growing rapidly at about 25% per year, AirTran creates a fresher look and more relevant content for loyal customers


North Face Gives Subscribers a Hearty Welcome!

e-Dialog and The North Face Welcome Customers to the Great Outdoors


Jetblue Reroutes Travellers into Abandoned Carts

JetBlue Fares Well with Abandoned Shopping Cart Trigger


RCI Emails to Improve the Customer Experience

e-Dialog Helps RCI Improve the Customer Experience, Reduce its Carbon Footprint and Conserve Costs


CVS Pharmacy Leverages Email to Reward Loyal Customers

CVS deploys the Free Gift campaign to give customers a risk-free way to try CVS brand products while simultaneously driving traffic to stores.

BA 3

British Airways Executive Club Goes Mobile

For British Airways, the launch of its new mobile application marks a renewed focus on alternative customer engagement channels.