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Ipsos Spend Pay Later

What the Heck! Spend Now, Pay Later!

Affluent Malaysians with disposable income are spending more…Even though Malaysians are not earning more, they are spending more every month, using credit cards to pay for purchases. More inside…


The Malay Consumer Profiled

Is the Malay community, the largest demographic in Malaysia the most important demographic in terms of potential and value?


Malaysia’s Consumer Confidence Stays in the Top 10!

Malaysian consumer confidence ranks 9th among 58 countries; declines 6 points in q3 2012

Shopper 12  Picture2

Consumers Cautiously Optimistic but Price Conscious (2012)

Three in five shoppers would buy only the essential items in response to rising food prices and one third would buy less in total, amongst the highest in SEA


Malaysian Consumer Confidence Up 4 Points (2012)

Over two-thirds of Malaysians are optimistic; Total FMCG value growth reported year-on-year decline in April and May as consumers are holding back spending…


Muslims Stock-Up Before the Fasting Month (2011)

70% of MUSLIMS STOCK UP ON NON-PERISHABLE ITEMS PRIOR TO THE FASTING MONTH. Consumers aged 20-39 and central region Muslims stock-up the most


What’s Delayed Marriage and Child Bearing Got to Do with Marketing?

Delayed marriage and child bearing among the young and mature and its implication to marketing & advertising

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