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Whats in a name

Top 5 Influential Brands 2013

According to Jeff Bezos, founder of, “your brand is formed primarily, not by what your company says about itself, but what the company does.” Thanks to the ever-evolving wonders of technology, growing connections are constantly fostered between brands and consumers.


The Content Marketing Explosion

There’s no denying the rise of content marketing, and its emergence into the spotlight as a tactic that delivers results. Now, a variety of emerging mediums are expanding the landscape, giving more tools to marketers who want to innovate

Case 15 – Integrated Campaign

Coke: Happiness in a Bottle!

A collaborative initiative that roped-in Malaysian Youth helped Coke to rise above the din and increase weekly drinkers by 56%

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Logo Wars

Popular Logos at Loggerheads

An overview of how the companies behind these logos go head to head…


Coke as the Years Passed

Take a look at how the package of the Planet’s most iconic beverage evolved

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Co-Creation: Unlock its Power Now!

How to unlock the collective creative power in consumers to lead within existing markets and create new ones, fast.

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eYeka’s Community Refreshes Coke’s Brand Promise

Coca-Cola decided to ask eYeka’s community of creative individuals what energizing refreshment meant to them.

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Engaging Prosumers to Shape Your Brand

The need to engage in collaborative branding is gaining ground, with more consumers making decisions


Idea Monday 37: What a Blast!

Featured brands: Jameson Irish Whisky, LG, Mercedes Benz, Axe, Coke Zero

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