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Carat August 2013

Lights! Camera! Action? Nope! Cash!

Hollywood spectaculars will continue to lord over the cinema screens in Malaysia. And young urban affluent Malaysians are becoming more discerning, paying for good quality value for money production that is delivered by imported movies

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Carat July 2013

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: July 2013

This issue features the 1H 2013 ADEX and how it would pan out over the next six months. Also featured is the timely look at Pay TV, tracing its inception into ADEX reporting till 1H 2013 to appreciate the changes that are happening to monitored ADEX.

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Carat June 2013

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: June 2013

Astro remains unchallenged with 99% market share in Pay TV; whilst Adspend for Ytd May 2013 grew 19% YoY to reach a high of RM4.8 billion.

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Carat May 2013

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: May 2013

There’s been a massive surge in TV and news portal consumption during GE13

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Carat April 2013 Update

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: April 2013

It is no secret that the Prime Minister’s Department scores unprecedented adex in Q1, 2013

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Carat March 2013 Update

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: March 2013

Malaysia’s Consumer Confidence Index Measures Up Against the World…but consumers see the next 12 months to be challenging

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BMW -  BMW Digital Board

BMW: Looming Ominously in the Rearview Mirror

Carat gives BMW’s new F10 a commanding presence by accentuating its strong “overtaking presence” on over-sized billboards at one of the busiest arteries in the Klang Valley

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com
AirAsia - Branded Content on TV

Air Asia X turns to Branded Content to Unveil the Oriental Experience

CARAT drums-up a campaign to help Air Asia unveil the Oriental Experience and elevate awareness for selected destinations in China

Source: Carat Malaysia, Bala.pomaleh@carat .com
Carat Feb 2013

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: February 2013

CARAT MALAYSIA: 10 quick facts about social media users in Malaysia, social media and the impending elections, Adex update and more

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Carat Jan 2013 Update

Carat Malaysia’s Media Update: January 2013

There is a possibility that some of the advertising expenditure have been channeled into media not currently monitored by Nielsen, making the scale of spending less than realistic

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