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Clean & Clear Builds Stronger Brand Affinity with Teens & Older Teens

The Challenge

Malaysian teens want to be famous. To have their names up in lights, their faces splashed across the media. So in 2010, Clean & Clear launched Top Best Friends Models – a model contest that fuelled their aspirations, fed their inspirations and created opportunities for
image 1 teens to fulfil their dreams.

We enjoyed great participation and Clean & Clear built even stronger brand affinity amongst teens. But how do we make it even more appealing whilst not be seen as a brand that only rewarded good looks? As well as make the brand attractive to the older teens?

The Execution

Clean & Clear Top Best Friends was launched in June 2011 and searched for the new face of Clean & Clear as well as three pairs of Clean & Clear personalities – photogenic, daring, and creative. Malaysia’s Clean & Clear Facebook fan page, with more than 50,000 fans, was used as the main driver for the contest.image 2

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The campaign was supported by online banners, print, trade presence and through an exclusive media partnership with Seventeen magazine.

The Idea

Clean & Clear prides itself on being a confidence enabler. As such, we saw this as an opportunity to review the 2010 mechanics and ensure that we were not indeed seen as the brand that only rewarded good looks.

The popularity gained inspired us to do better in 2011. We went deeper because beauty is after all more than skin deep, and the word model appealed to only the attractive girls.


Those who were not as confident about their looks found the contest a little intimidating.

We discovered that what these girls liked most about themselves were their personalities – from character and sense of humour to adventurous and creative abilities. So Top Best Friend Search was born. A personality-based search that allowed young women to celebrate their beauty from within and use these qualities to develop even closer friendships.

The Results

Teens responded positively and excitedly. Both the fan page and contest were big hits, as they promoted it to their friends via social media and word of mouth.

image 4

And the results? We figured we’d let the numbers do the talking:

Facebook fans rose by 68% with 50,311 fans (to date).
New Likes* = 20,735 (May – 829).
Post Views* = 840,676 (May – 42,916).
Post Feedback* = 3,249(May – 200).

(Comparison of results from the year before)

image 5

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