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iSnap: Your News Come Alive!

Star Featured ImageBeing Malaysia’s leading English language newspaper has never stopped the management at The Star from being innovative – albeit continuously. Adding value to its portfolio seems pretty much a SOP for a media brand which leads by a wide margin.

They have upped the ante yet again. Consumers (or readers) now have the opportunity not only to read but also “live” the story, through an innovative feature called “iSnap”.

Enabled via The Stars’ mobile app, iSnap enables a shift from the  static to dynamic. All readers have to do is to point at the iSnap icon on the print version and the extra content literally comes alive on-screen.

Never before available in Malaysia, its storytelling nature will fundamentally create deeper emotional connections and transform the way print ads are presented. And it’s also a lot more fun for those who have no interest in reading newspapers.

So, the iSnap is pretty cool

  •   It will keep traditional mediums relevant in the market.
  •   It applies cutting edge technology to an “established” medium,  thus making it more up to date and more desirable.
  •   It allows interactivity, and puts to rest one-way communication.
  •   It allows content to be deployed in an engaging way.
  •   It is engaging, thus more memorable.
  •   It harnesses technology in an innovative way.
  •   It is an amazing new platform for advertisers to create conversations.
  •   It gives another dimension to the print content – interactivity, sound, motion.
  •   It creates, inadvertently, a pull factor.
  •   It gives more depth to the existing content.
  •   It ads mobility and takes advantage of the increase usage of smart phones.
  •   It adds relevancy (you read sports, and WATCH the goals!)


It act as another touch point to communicate with the consumer better, as readers now have a deeper level of engagement with the ads.

While a hardcopy ad can be incorporated with iSnap, it is also possible that the ad be featured on the extended news content page to further increase OTS.

Tracking of reader interaction and eyeball share will be possible with iSnap. This is a great way to justify ROI.

Instant brand and product interaction is possible, interactive games, extended audio-visual experience will bring print ads to a new level. Imagine recording artists selling their albums, apparel stores selling clothes that readers can try on via The Star. It also serves as a “TV within a paper”.

This can lead to the blooming of e-commerce, as well as managing store traffic. For example Hypermarkets could sell promo grocery on weekdays via newspapers point-and-buy. For busy working adults, they can conveniently pick up their order via drive-through or even home delivery service.

Benefits for Readers

It is a great way to read the related articles or follow a trail of incidences. We used to get this on an online version but it can now be done on a hardcopy.

It’s a useful tool for time-poor readers who want to know more about a certain article/ad but can watch the content instead.

Readers can post direct questions to the writers, and writers can choose to reply in private.

If the hardcopy content could be linked to the online article, it will be a great way to spread the news (and words)!  Before this we have to go online and search for the same content, and then share the online version via email or Facebook. Now we could probably point & share the news instantly, right from the hardcopy.

This will interest younger readers who have a weaker interest in reading a newspaper. iSnap will  deliver a totally new experience,and make “reading” more fun and interesting.