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What’s the Big Deal About RFID?

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking.

In social media, RFID is being used to tie the physical world with the virtual world. RFID in Social Media first came to light in 2010 with Facebook’s annual conferencePicture2

RFID offers advantages over manual systems or use of bar codes. The tag can be read if passed near a reader, even if it is covered by the object or not visible. The tag can be read inside a case, carton, box or other container, and unlike barcodes RFID tags can be read hundreds at a time. Bar codes can only be read one at a time.

How can brands use RFID?

This is very effective for a large scale event organized by a brand. Instead of using a mobile device, or when a user return to the computer, RFID enables every single attendee at your event to share their experience with a  brand on their Facebook. For example, if a user has an average of 300 friends on their Facebook. inviting 1000 attendees to an event could possibly mean reaching out to 300,000 people or more.

How can it benefit brands?

Bridging the offline and online world!

  • Fan acquisition at the venue itself – People at the venue had an option to like the page at the venue itself when they used the tag reader.
  • Fan acquisition away from the venue – Friends of the people who were at the venue saw the updates appear on their news feed. From there, they had the option to like the page as well.
  • Live activity feed – Multiple tag readers were set up throughout the venue with a different status update going out from each location. For instance, a different status update would appear when entering the venue and a different one when near the lunch location.
  • Easy expression – People had the opportunity to digitally express themselves without doing anything beyond tagging the wrist band to the reader. Thereafter, the brand can use the social data collected to understand its customers.

Who is the early adopter?

  •  Carlsberg Malaysia has used RFID at their 2011’s “Where’s the party” Carlsberg event. The party had an eclectic mix of exciting games, fun rides and free flow of Carlsberg beer. It incorporated an ‘amusement park’ theme, complete with childhood favourites such as a ferris wheel, pirate ship, an adult carousel, as well as Sky Ride – an exhilarating experience of being buoyed by a hot air balloon. Carlsberg also presented an array of entertaining performances by international DJs, renowned rappers, bands and musicians.
  • As an interesting touch to the party, all partygoers were assigned their own, unique RFID tags, which enabled them to collate points from the games they played and redeem prizes accordingly. These RFID tags were linked to their Facebook accounts and enabled them to update their Facebook status simply by tagging on the “Like” stations throughout the brewery.
  • The annual party was a success with more than 2000 guests attended and spread the party on the social networks.