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Inmobi Drums-Up a Sensational Experience for HTC

The Challenge

The new HTC multimedia super phone, the HTC Sensation, is so impressive that it literally makes users go “WOW” when they get their HTC Sensationhands on one.

In order to give them a virtual hands-on experience, HTC worked with InMobi to develop a mobile ad to re-create that experience with HTML5 Rich Media technology.

The Solution

By building the ad unit with the Sprout Platform it worked perfectly on both Android and iOS platforms. The ad duplicated key features of HTC Sensation like the drag and drop navigation, the feature-rich camera, and the friend stream within the ad unit.

To further extend the campaign a simplified feature phone version was created as well.

The Results

Approximately 50,000 sensational experiences were delivered by the campaign – users swiped, scrolled and slided – just as they would on the actual device.

Maxus said, “We were wowed by InMobi’s rich media capability that was able to deliver such an engaging ad experience. I loved the fact that we delivered a HTC experience right to our target’s fingertips!