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GfK Market Insight, Malaysia. May 2013

GfK logo_very smallThe success of Economic Transformation Programme and Government Transformation Programme had put Malaysia to be on the right path in realising this target.

In line with the nation target of becoming a high-income nation with innovation-led and knowledge based economy, Malaysia will adopt the Digital Education Solution (DES) to provide an attractive and digital teaching as well as learning environment. According to Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, DSC was widely adopted in developed countries such as Singapore and United Kingdom.

Besides, the Ministry of Communication and Media and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission are planning to implement the “Fibre to the Home” initiative to raise Internet access speed, including in the interior areas. With such initiative, it will continue to support the growth within the technical consumer goods in Malaysia, especially in the IT and Telecommunication sector.

In other news, the latest update from Department of Statistics revealed that Malaysia’s unemployment rate was at 3.1%, which based on economic definition, is considered as full employment. In fact, Malaysia led other developed countries such as Spain, which had an unemployment rate of 26.5%, United States at 7.7% and Australia at 5.5%.

The government is also taking proactive measures by preparing policies and programmes in the public and private sectors that could raise workers’ skills, knowledge and competency. This is also in line with the nation’s aspiration to have 50% of highly skilled workforce by 2020.

GfK Malaysia GMI May 2013

GfK Malaysia GMI May 2013
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