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GfK Market Insight, Malaysia. January 2013

GfK logo_very smallCompared to January of last year, the market grew at a healthy 5.5 and 8.6 per cent in sales units and value respectively. Much of this growth was contributed by Home Appliances, largely due to the difference in the sales base. Chinese New Year in 2012 fell in January instead of February, thus influencing shoppers to make purchases in December.

On a month-on-month comparison (January 2013 vs. December 2012), the market still pictured good growth rates of 3.6 and 7.1 per cent in sales units and value. Once again, Home Appliances (HA) was a key contributor to this growth. This is a cyclical trend for HA goods where Malaysian consumers will purchase in the beginning of the year to replace their home appliances products for a new year.

Several products like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens, and a few even showed double digit units and value growths. However, average prices went down over the same period largely due to sales and price reductions.

For more details, please download GfK Malaysia’s monthly overview and highlights.

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GfK Malaysia GMI January 2013
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