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GfK Market Insight, Malaysia. February 2013

GfK logo_very smallSales of digital camera dipped by -10% in volume compared to January 2013 after the seasonal peak of December/January. Year-to-date sales of DSLR and mirrorless (or system cameras) depicted a growing trend when compared against last year.

Compact cameras, however showed a downwards trend. This was due to more and more smartphones are equipped with higher megapixels and better flash capabilities, thus cannibalizing the sales of compact cameras.

The demand of media tablets escalated by more than 70% over February last year. However, with more new launches of smaller screen sizes at lower price and price erosion resulting from intensified market competition, the average selling price of media tablets dropped significantly from RM1,770 in Feb 2012 to RM1,250 in Feb 2013.

Consumer Electronics panel registered a 6% growth in volume and 3% in value versus February last year. Total flat panel trended upwards by 7% in volume in February versus last year same period, where LED TVs accounted for more than 70% of sales. Nonetheless,
increased demand on the LED technology pulled down the average selling price, from RM2,300 in February last year to the current average price at RM1,690.

For more details, please download GfK Malaysia’s monthly overview and highlights.

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GfK Malaysia GMI February 2013
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